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Hong Kong Productivity Council 4, 2009 announcement, the council has carried out by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong 's first government-funded research and development of electric buses local projects will be developed with Hong Kong's market needs a pure electric buses , the fastest in the third quarter is expected to launch in 2015 market .
According to reports, this research project has been launched in August this year , and the total of nearly $ 40 million , all sponsored by the Hong Kong SAR Government , Ltd. " Innovation and Technology Fund " through APAS funding and green power electric vehicles.
The same day, Vice President of the Hong Kong Productivity Council ( Technology Development ) Joseph Poon plan introduced at a news conference . He said that this car will be owned by a single layer of pure electric buses four characteristics , including body light , life and strong , intelligent design and localization .
Joseph Poon explained that this car will be used only to pure electric buses T6 aircraft grade aluminum for the level of the main body of the material , and the use of lightweight, high efficiency and without coupled with a permanent magnet synchronous motor gearbox , will not only reduce body weight and consumption electricity , but also enhance endurance distance bus four hours after a full charge can travel 300 kilometers .
Joseph Poon said , this car is pure electric buses from the overall design , as well as the total control system of the vehicle 's core technology , developed by experts in Hong Kong , according to Hong Kong's unique driving conditions and requirements of the design , greatly reduce the risk of " acclimatized" .
Zheliang "Brand Hong Kong " pure electric buses will be road tested in the first quarter of 2015 .
Hong Kong Productivity Council is a statutory industrial support organizations .